Manage MySQL Database Password Within R

Similar to ~/.netrc, the database passwords can be managed in ~/.dbrc, this article give a solution within R.

Search Email by Alias in Mutt

Aim: search email items using alias It is very neccessary to search email by the name, since we usually can not rember the email …

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Forward Message With Attachments in Mutt

Problem: Forward attachment in mutt is hard This is a pain for every mutt user. I got a solution which can satisfy my need. Solution …

Save Attachments to Special Folder in Mutt

Problem: How to save attachments in mutt? No built-in solution for save multiple attachments to special folder in mutt. I spent couple …

Mark Mutt Email Item as a Task for Taskwarrior

Install Download from github: mingsu/mutt2task git clone ~/.mutt/bin/mutt2task chmod +x …

Use R for Creating PhotoSwipe Galleries in Hugo

What I get Real Demo: Hugo gallery with photoswipe feature Source code: References A tool for …

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Notes of Using Gogs

Gogs 使用方法 服务启动方式 设置 将gogs/script/init/debian/gogs 复制到/etc/init.d/gogs 为保证http方式

Embedding Scopus API Based HTML on Hugo Academic Site

基于论文doi地址,获取实时被引次数 通过doi链接地址,通过scopus 提供的API获取文章的实时被引次数。步骤 如下: 在 Scopus上创建自