Notes of Using Gogs

Gogs 使用方法 服务启动方式 设置 将gogs/script/init/debian/gogs 复制到/etc/init.d/gogs 为保证http方式

Embedding Scopus API Based HTML on Hugo Academic Site

基于论文doi地址,获取实时被引次数 通过doi链接地址,通过scopus 提供的API获取文章的实时被引次数。步骤 如下: 在 Scopus上创建自

Write Blog With Hugo Workflow by Bash Script

用bash script启动hugo blog过程 Hugo自带了相关命令撰写blog,如:hugo new post/a-long-title , 也有大神(@yihui)写了一个R package bl

Markdown snippet for Hugo post

The solutions are mainly derived from Yihui’s JS library. Code By using: ` ` `r a <- 1 + 1 ... ` ` ` produces: a = 1 + 1 ... MathJax Solution: Add math-code.js. to static/js/. Add the following lines to layouts/partials/footer_section.html. <!-- 加入MathJax, 用于Markdown中输入数学公