Final Report for Project 'su2015miyunnsf'

Miyun Reservoir, the most important surface source water for Beijing, has been suffered water crisis due to continuous drought and over-extraction during recent years; the Central Route of South-to-North Water Diversion Project (SNWDP) is expect to …

Odor problem of Qingcaosha Reservoir


Report of odor problem of source water reservoir in East Tai Lake in June of 2018


Report of Qingcaosha Reservoir regarding the investigation on May 23, 2018


Study of odor-producing Planktothrix sp. in Miyun Reservoir, regarding the ecological niche identification, regulation and control strategy

As the most important surface water source for Beijing, Miyun Reservoir has been suffered from taste & odor (T&O) problem since 2003, which has been a serious threat to the drinking water safety of Beijing. The present research mainly focus on the …

Algal growth dynamics in drinking water reservoir and the driving force

After the water flow into the reservoir from the river, as the hydrology characteristic changes, including water resitence time increasing, water transparecny increasing etc., the reservoir will facillate algal growth; at the same time, the water …